Klingenstein-Simons Online Application System
Online Application System
Deadline for receipt of applications is 11:59 pm EST on MARCH 1

Welcome to the Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Awards in the Neurosciences Online Application System (OAS).

To begin the application process you must first register for an account. Once you have completed your registration, you will receive e-mail notification that your registration has been accepted. This e-mail message will contain a link to validate your registration and allow you to continue with your application submission.

Prior to starting the application process, please read the FAQ page to assist you with using the OAS. The next step is to complete all of the required fields for each section of the application form.

In addition to the online application form, all documents listed below must be submitted in order to complete your application ---

  • Tenure - a confirmation letter from an institutional official that you are in a tenure track position, including your date of appointment. Eligibility requirements state that you must be within 4 years of completing your postdoctoral training and the start of your first tenure track appointment.

  • Abstracts - copies of the abstract page from 4 of your best papers published in referee journals that are representative of your work.

  • Outline and relevancy of your research plans - please describe in no more than 4 double-spaced pages, an outline of your research plans as well as the relevancy of your plans under a Klingenstein-Simons award. Please give specific aims. Figures are allowed but must fit within the 4-page limit. References are in addition to the 4 pages and can be single-spaced.

  • Recommendations you are required to provide information for three or four sponsors, including one from your department head or equivalent, who we will contact for letters of reference for your application. Please note that we will contact your recommenders as soon as they have been specified (i.e., before your application is submitted). Letters of recommendation are due by March 1. Please be sure to give your recommenders enough time to submit their letters.

Your application is considered complete once we have received the completed application form and the required documents listed above. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please note that the deadline for receipt of application materials is 11:59 pm EST on March 1.

If you have questions regarding your application or require assistance with the online application system, please contact us at .